Center for Safer Wireless
Promoting Safety in Our Wireless World

Basic Wireless Safety Actions:

Cell Phones

Use your speakerphone or text when using a cell phone

If you uncomfortable with using a speakphone or texting, purchase an air tube headset for your cell phone

Limit the duration of time on your cell phone

Refrain from using your cell phone in a car, bus or train. Metal reflects RFR, and it bounces around you when on a cell phone in this environment.

Don’t wear metal-rimmed glasses when using a cell phone

Keep a cell phone in your purse or backpack and out of your pocket

Purchase a cell phone shield for men’s hip holster
If you have lost a cell phone signal, do not try to restablish it in the same location. The amount of RFR you are exposed too will be high. Wait until you are in a different location to reestablish the connection.

Follow More Wireless Safety Tips

By engaging in the suggested acts of wireless safety, you will be reducing your risk of adverse health effects. 

Basic Wireless Safety Actions
Either replace your Wi-Fi with a wired computer network or move your Wi-Fi far away from commonly used living or working areas
Replace your wireless computer with a standard wired desktop computer
Plug a standard keyboard into your wireless laptop to create distance between you and the laptop
Replace your wireless mouse with a wired mouse
Replace your wireless keyboard with a wired keyboard



Basic Wireless Safety Actions in Your Bedroom:
o   Remove cordless phones and cell phones from your bedroom
o   Remove computer equipment from your bedroom
o   Keep electric alarm clocks at least 3 feet from your bed
·    Get a home or office radiation assessment to ascertain your exposure to radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic radiation and follow recommendations on reducing your exposure
·    Avoid underwire bras.
·    Use standard line phones
·    Use wired controllers for video games
Once you have adopted some of these below-mentioned practices, explain the changes in an email to .  Your actions will be appreciated and counted towards the 100,000 acts of wireless safety.


  • Have the phone company install a Radio Frequency (RF) Filter on your phone line; some people also install shielded phone wire.
  • Only buy new electronics that have appropriate harmonic noise filters already installed.
  • Avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads.
  • Use rubber gloves when washing dishes or working at the sink, and stand on a non-conductive mat. Both increase the resistance of the path through your body.