Center for Safer Wireless
Promoting Safety in Our Wireless World

Follow the Top 5 Actions for Creating A Safer Wired Home

1.       Find out how close your home and office is to a cell phone antenna or tower.  Go to and type your address.  The website will report cell phone towers and antennas within a 3-4 mile radius of your home or office.
2.       If your home is less than ½ mile, purchase shielding curtains and tape to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Get specific information about these products.
3.       Unplug your Wi-Fi router at night before bedtime and sleep with your Wi-Fi router off. Better yet, replace your Wi-Fi router with a wired internet connection.
4.       Replace your cordless phone in your bedroom with a wired phone.
5.       Replace wireless video game controllers with wired controllers.
Here are more suggestions.