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Groups Concerned About Cell Phone Towers
Cell phone antennas on towers meet the FCC standards for safety, however, some communities are concerned about their presence in certain locations.  The following is a list of national and local organizations concerned about the location and long-term consequences of exposure to radiofrequency radiation emitted from cell phone antennas and towers.

CLOUT is a grass-roots coalition of individuals and organizations committed to restoring local governmental control over telecommunications towers and related wireless facilities in the United States.

Concerned parents and activists formed People Against Cell Towers in Schools in Hillsborough County Florida This group objects to cell phone towers erected on school grounds.

Residents in Montgomery, New Jersey are against plans to build a 120 foot tower in a historical section of town.  The residents are concerned about the long-term effects of exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the equipment as well as the aesthetics of the tower.

New York State Coalition to Regulate Antenna Siting was created in order to facilitate the development of a working group of lawmakers and community groups dedicated to stopping the proliferation of cellular antenna on residential rooftops across the state.

Residents of Marin County California formed the Marin Project to investigate the connection between use of cell towers, wireless products and the increased incidence of diseases such as leukemia, prostate cancer, breast cancer, EMF sensitivities, autism, depression, lymphoma, and Alzheimers in Marin County.

The San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union is a grass-roots, city-wide coalition of individual residents and neighborhood organizations that works to prevent the placement of wireless antennas on or near residences, schools, health care centers, day care centers, senior centers, playgrounds, places of worship, and other inappropriate locations in the City and County of San Francisco. SNAFU 

Mission Viejo Cell Out is an alliance of citizens in Mission Viejo, California working together to protect parks and recreation centers from being marketed to cellular companies.

Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers (GOACT)
GOACT mobilized citizens and caused T-Mobile to withdraw its application to build a cell phone tower in Glendale, California.

Astoria Neighborhood Coalition in Astoria, Queens