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Lloyd Burrell continued

Very quickly I found myself at my local doctor's office. My local doctor, who is also a friend, listened while I explained my symptoms. He looked at me bewilderingly. He tested my blood pressure measured my weight. He prodded and poked and did what doctors do. And then he gave his diagnosis. He said it was stress and that I should go away for a few days and that everything would be fine when I come back. I took his advice. While I was on holiday, I was fine. When I came back to work, the first mobile phone call I got, the very same thing happened again, except each time it got worse and worse. I stopped using the mobile phone. I started to do more work on the computer. When I sat in front of the computer screen I started to feel the same symptoms. So instead of being out on the park,  I started to work more in the office ,so I could use just a normal phone. Then I started to get the same symptoms from using a normal phone. I went back to the doctor. He gave me some medication. It did block off some of the symptoms, but I just felt so tired and lacking in energy. I went through a series of tests, eyes, nose and ear tests. They found nothing. I tried acupuncture; it did nothing. I went to a healer; it did nothing. I went to a neurologist; she spoke to me as if I was some mad person, as if everything I was saying could only be a figment of my imagination. I started to think it was in my mind. This went on for more than two years. I lost weight, and I lost a certain appetite for life.

I was living with a constant headache, I developed joint pains. My ears ached, and  my eyesight deteriorated, I had high blood pressure and lived in just a constant state of fatigue.

But I was determined not to be beat by this thing. Then one day I had my Eureka moment. I came across an article in the Daily Telegraph, which is a highly reputable newspaper in the UK, and it spoke of somebody who was a Chief Executive  of a public listed company.  The article described how he was so ill with cellphones and so on that he had to switch off the electricity in his house at night to be able to sleep. I was just overjoyed to hear this. I wasn't on my own. It wasn't just in my mind, it was real. The symptoms were the same but it meant that I could talk about it more openly and freely. Though even now I don't talk about it unless people ask me why I ask them to switch their mobile phone off in my presence.

This thing has transformed my life. I can't live the same as before. I can't walk round with a mobile phone in my pocket and be contacted at any time. I can't have long interesting conversations with friends and family anywhere and any time. I can't spend hours on a computer. I can't have WiFi in my home. I can't spend long periods in places where there is WiFi. I can't really do public transport any more, be it trains, buses or even taxis. But I can honestly say all this doesn't really bother me that much. I know electromagnetic radiation is not good for me, and I know it's not good for anybody else. Like I said, I never really talked about it because I don't like moaning about my health in the same way as I don't like listening to other people moan about their health. That's why eventually I decided on the advice of a friend to start a blog. My blog is where I talk about this, it's really the only place I talk about this. I talk about this because it does me good to get it off my chest. And I talk about it because I like to think that I can help others. The way people are so ignorant about this issue does worry me.

I feel in so many ways I have been lucky. I have friends who have friends who have died from brain tumors. They were mobile phone users. In one case the surgeon said it was down to the use of mobile phones which had caused the tumor. But I didn't need the surgeon to say this, that's one of the reasons I'm lucky. I'm doing myself just such a big favor through not using a cellphone. My 14-year-old daughter has got one but she doesn't ring out she only uses it to text.  I'm not against gadgets, I love them. But I will never have anything to do with a mobile phone ever again.

 Everybody is just going round thinking it won't happen to them, but how wrong they are because I know, just as it happened to me it could happen to you.

Lloyd Burrell

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