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Some people experience negative health effects from short-term and long-term exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation.  The short term effects include headaches, ringing in the ears, anxiety, heart palpitations, skin rashes, short-term memory loss, brain fog, nausea, fatigue,  insomnia and electrosensitivity. 
Those who suffer from electrosensitivity are often misunderstood.  Electrosensitivity is not recognized as a medical condition in the United States, though the condition can cause sufferers to leave their jobs.  Since some cannot tolerate being in the presence of radiofrequency radiation (RFR), yet RFR is widespread, there are fewer and fewer places they can live and work.
Here are some of the stories of those who believe pulsed radiofrequency radiation from wireless techology directly impacted their health symptoms.

Andrew McPhee talks about his electrosensitivity and how it has affected his life.  He wants the Raleigh, North Carolina City Council to change it's local city ordinances about cell phone towers.




Mark Kuether has ES and shares his story.
Joanne March Laberge filed a petition under the Canadian Auditor General Act. Once healthy and lively, she suffers from electromagnetic chemical sensitivity.  "It got so bad that I had to stop working in March 07. After I did research on my symptoms, I had to do a lot of alterations to my lifestyle. I stopped wearing my wire glasses and used contact lenses and went deep in the woods away from Power and Cell Phone towers. I traveled to the Gorge where it has running water and is completely away from any electrical. Staying there for hours at a time, this helped a great deal. Within a week I was about 50% better. So this is also a key piece of information that when no electrical is around, I myself, find I feel a lot better and like myself again. I knew that my findings then of EMF's and EMR's was founded and there were causes and effects."
Her full story is at


Erica used to have insomnia every night. Once she stopped using wireless devices 2 hours before bedtime, her sleeplessness disappeared




Angela Flynn – Bethesda, MD

I am electrosensitive.   I came to this realization while living in the
near vicinity of cellular antennas for a duration of three years.  I found that I could not sleep more than four hours a night and I had problems with my short-term memory.  I found I would have to seriously ponder on how to spell simple words.  I developed muscle aches and creaky joints.  All of this occurred in my early forties.  I finally moved away from the antennas and feel 90% better.  I imagine I would feel 100% better, however I still have to be near antennas during the course of my day.  The more radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure I get the more sensitized I become to it. 

Check out Per Segerback's story in the February 2010 issue of Popular Science magazine.  He was a telecommunications engineer. 

A comprehensive study on EHS determines that: "It is clear that EMF sensitivity is a real phenomenon in some environmentally sensitive patients, because

some had consistent reactions while none of the controls did. This study must be considered as only preliminary, but the evidence clearly points to sensitivity in some people" (see Journal of Bioelectricity, 10(1&2), 241-256, 1991.)

Sarah in the United Kingdom

I am Electrohypersensitive with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and live in rural England because I am unable to live in urban environments.

In retrospect my symptoms developed over many years with migraines shortly after buying a very large original format mobile phone followed shortly by digestive problems and gluten intolerance.? The headaches got much worse rendering me light sensitive for 2-3 days.  Read More



Marc Martin

I’ve been a heavy user of computers since 1985, both at work (where I’m an aerospace engineer and programmer) and at home (where I run multiple websites and discussion groups).

In 2000, I got some sort of chronic “flu” which refused to go away. The doctors kept giving me more and more antibiotics, and at some point it became obvious that this was doing more harm than good, as I started getting environmental, chemical, and food sensitivities. I also became less and less tolerant of my workplace, and was exhausted by the end of each workday. Read more

Lloyd Burrell in France

I can actually remember the day I became electrosensitive. Of course I didn't know it at the time. I didn't realize what it was. I thought Id just got some kind of headache.

I remember it was winter time, mid-February and I was doing some work outside underneath a caravan chassis (I worked on a caravan park at the time). The mobile phone started to ring I scrambled out and put it to my ear. I started to get this pain is tingling, feeling this heat. I answered the call all the same and carried on, or tried to carry on because when I got the next call the pain was so bad I had to cut the conversation short. Read more