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Sarah in the UK continued

Over the years I became dizzy suffered vertigo, menstrual problems and insomnia.? In 2005 with erratic blood pressure, cardiac arythmia, forgetfulness, mood swings, right eye sight problems, nausea, balance problems, hypothyroid, screaming night terrors, I experienced a near heart attack.?

At no stage could any doctor find anything wrong with me.? I was fit, following a very good diet, and enjoying activities and a wide range of hobbies. I had a great family life and a great professional career.

there was no reason to imagine any of these disabling problems.

After the virtual heart attack, I experienced the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome.? having turned from a high achiever visiting the gym several times a week and 'going for the burn' none of this made any sense to me or to my family. instead of making lists to make sure my day was fully organised and productive I needed lists to remind myself what clothes I had and what food I needed to cook for supper that night.? I needed a reminder to look in my diary to send cards to friends. Again, none of this had happened before; the onset was sudden and the sensations just go t worse. The doctors found no reasons. When it was suggested that at 47 years old that memory loss happens, I decided to look elsewhere. I lost a lot of weight which took me down to skeletal levels, I could barely eat, the basic necessities of life exhausted me totally. I made a new will and advised my family that i felt time was running out.  

It was like walking into a sci fi movie.? How could all these gadgets be dangerous and harm health?? I hired an electro smog detector and established that my home was full of electro magnetic radiation:? two DECT phone lines, mobile phone on charge next to my bed, wireless burglar alarm, low energy light bulbs, WiFi enabled desk top computer.? I switched my house off and expected an immediate improvement but I wasn't this lucky.

Four years later having consulted with many practitioners and spent thousands on diagnosis and treatments, travel escaping to low EMR environments, shielding my home with wallpapers, paints and fabrics. Recently, a new medical consultant recommended a total break from electricity at night so now we switch off the main fuse box at night.? The fridge/freezer is fine and we now avoid any danger of dirty electricity and any magnetic surges which used to affect me badly.

I have had to pack my professional life away in a large storage container. I am unable to spend any time at all in the company of more than one person with a connected mobile phone. Visitors to my home leave their switched off phone in the car. We have bought the neighbour a corded home answer machine and persuaded the other neighbour to keep his mobile switched off at night. The first neighbour has kindly stashed his new flat screen TV in his basement and all seems much better.?

We are now rebuilding the house with the latest 10 layer insulation, new windows , earthing of all wiring and cabling.? We are at a loss to know what else to do. If I do have to attend meetings, dentists and doctors, it takes time to recover.? A recent family wedding took me 10 days to return to physical balance again.

What about the people though who don't know what is wrong with them?? I fear for a nation of children holding mobiles and speaking to friends long into the night.? With WiFi is schools there is simply no place for their bodies to heal, no respite, no space without thumping and pulsing EMR.