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June 1, 2014

For many Virginia residents the installation of smart meters on your home is  your decision.    Currently the electric company will notify you that they are upgrading your analogue meter to an advanced meter (radiation emitting smart meter).   These meters when installed transmit radiation every few seconds all day long transmitting information to a utility data collection unit on a telephone pole (maybe near your home) where it is sent onto a data collection company - creating a microwave radiation spider web throughout your community.  This adds up to hundreds of times more radiation exposure, even at many feet away, than that of cell phones.
Utilities and governments realize that smart meters and their networks can be attacked by hackers and terrorists.
Smart meters have caused fires.  Fires and explosions associated with smart meters have been reported in California, Vancouver, British Columbia, Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Virginia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Florida.
Smart meters don’t save money. When considering the cost of replacing the our current Automatic Meter Reading(AMR) meters before the end of their useful lives the residential customer savings per ratepayer are projected to be $11 over 20 years by the Connecticut Attorney General, George Jepsen.  With inflation factored, there are no savings. The smart meter useful life is at best half of the current AMR meter. Some residents have complained about much higher bills after their smart meter was installed.  If you want to monitor your energy usage you don’t need a smart meter.  Just purchase a home monitor that identifies the electricity usage by location and appliance. Why give utilities the control of identifying your real-time usage?
The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer state that Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) from non-ionizing radiation-emitting devices such as smart meters are a Class 2-B carcinogen, which means they may cause cancer - the pesticide DDT, leaded gas, and chloroform are also in this category.  Documented EMF studies also show:  single and double strand DNA breakage which is associated with cancer, endocrine disruption, heart arrhythmia, ADD/ADHD and more. After smart meters have been installed some people experience:

Headaches                         muscle spasms                                 breathing problems
insomnia                            heart problems                                 nausea
cognitive problems             ringing in the ears                            even seizures

memory loss                      dizziness

Some have had to leave their homes to alleviate these health problems.

People with various physiological conditions such as children, elderly people, having medical implants, pregnant women, and babies are particularly at risk.

Thousands of studies, not industry funded, confirm that this radiation is harmful.  Visit (click research) to read many unbiased studies. Many illnesses like cancer take years to develop.  Smoking cigarettes, asbestos exposure and radon were not considered hazardous until the link with cancer was established. Are you willing to risk your own health and your family’s health when we can demand an opt out of smart meters?

 Wireless meters should not be installed.  Notify your electric utility company that you want to opt out.  Dominion Power and some other electric companies in Virginia will replace the "smart" meter with a non-transmitting meter.  
Opt out of Dominion Power information here