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These are videos of doctors and individuals concerned about the potential health effects of exposures to radiofrequency radiation.


Larry King Live show with Dale Cochran, Johnny Cochran’s widow, and Dr. Keith Black, Johnny’s Cochran’s neurosurgeon.  (Part 1 of 2 parts) 10 minutes – 2008
Larry King Live show with Dale Cochran, Johnny Cochran’s widow, and Dr. Keith Black, Johnny’s Cochran’s neurosurgeon.  Part 2 0f 2  5 minutes  - 2008
Can cell phones lead to cancer? There are emerging concerns about their safety from scientists who say we need to know if our phones are causing an increase in brain cancer. Baltimore WBAL TV, Maryland, October 31, 2009

Video of Dr. Ted Litovitz at a Congressional briefing in 2001. He explains how radiofrequency radiation causes stress proteins and a chain of bioeffects. 24 minute video

Allan Marks, who suffers from a glioma (brain tumor) was interviewed on the Dr. Oz Show on November 17, 2009 about his use of cell phones.
Part 1 (7:51):
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. Smart Meters and EMR
Health Crisis of Our Time - 43 minutes

Dan Harper, MD explains the effects of electromagnetic radiation
from a medical perspective.  9-minutes, August 2010
CBC Interview with Dr. Devra Davis about her new book, Disconnect
Sept. 2010 12 minutes
CNBC Interview with Lloyd Morgan Central Brain Tumor Registry of the U.S.; Andrea Boland, (D-ME); Stewart Fleishman, MD, Continuum Cancer Centers of NY and NBC's Brian Mooar. They discuss the proposed cell phone warning label that will be introduced in Maine by state representative Andrea Boland. December 22, 2009

Cell phones and malignant brain tumors. Sixty minutes segment in Australia of an interview with Dr. Charlie Teo, a neurosurgeon. 13 minute video
Scientists speak out about mobile phone, cancer link, Australia story – 9 minute video

CBC's The National about the cell phone industry's insurance dilemma. Sept. 24, 2010 -
Resonance: Beings of Frequency = Great documentary about EMF and how it can affect our health. 1 hour 35 minutes December 2012



Dr. Devra Davis discusses children and cell phones.  2 minute video


Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University gives a presentation comparing cell phones and cigarettes.  November 2009 - 7 minutes.


Cancer cluster suspected surrounding Canadian school with cell phone towers nearby

Testimony at local council meeting on cell phone towers in San Diego, CA

Video of Eileen-O’ Connor a British women who had breast cancer resulting from a cell phone mast 100 meters from her house.  She’s now with RadiationResearchTrust. Wait at least 1 minute for the video to appear. 

Video on disguised cell phone towers


Dr. George Carlo – Wi-Fi in schools


1 minute video that uses an electrosmog detector to detect radiation emitted from a DECT cordless phone.

This video demonstrates that one particular DECT cordless phone base only radiates when the cell phone is in use.
Dr. Oz on ABC News, November 2009, 5-minute video