If you do not have a transmitting wireless smart meter on your home and do not want one for health or privacy reasons, you should notify your local utility and Public Service Commission or Public Utility Commission using this suggested letter. Refer to the US Energy Policy Act of 2005 which indicates utilities should ask for a customer's permission before installing a smart meter.  Also search on the internet and see if there is a group in your state trying to stop the deployment and get information from them and join their efforts.  There are no laws at the federal level stating that smart meters are mandatory. Fiber optic networks are faster, more secure, and pose no health concerns. Fiber optic communications is a safer alternative to wireless smart meters.

While the state of Maine already has a smart meter opt-out program approved by the Maine Public Service Commission, citizens are opposed to paying an additional fee to retain their analog meters.  Ed Friedman filed a complaint, and the Maine Supreme Court ruled that the Maine Public Service Commission must reconsider health and safety concerns.  His brief and supplemental information may help you in standing up to the roll out of wireless smart meters.


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