In April 2010, the Center for Safer Wireless partnered with to release the BRAG™ Antenna Ranking of Schools.  The report is the result of a multi-year study of school children's potential exposure to cell phone antennas and base stations in U.S. state capitols prepared by Dr. Havas and students at Trent University, Canada. Exposure metrics for approximately 6,000 public and private schools were assessed. A composite grade was generated for each school based on 1) how close the nearest antenna was to the school, 2) how many antennas were located within 0.25 miles or approximately 400 meters (the distance within which scientific research documents mental, emotional and physical symptoms in adults), and 3) within 0.6 miles, or approximately 1 kilometer, from the school. Read the full report.

Would you like to find out the BRAG antenna ranking in your community? Read the report to find the US capital city where you live. If you do not live in a United States capital city, you can be the first in your area to create a BRAG antenna ranking report. Here’s how. Download the report and read Part 3, the method.  Follow the methods of the report and create a BRAG antenna ranking for your area.

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