Marc Martin continued


Eventually I had to go on disability from work.

After finally figuring out that exposure to computers and florescent lights were causing my exhaustion, I initially tried all of the conventional EMF solutions. I bought a glass EMF shield for my monitor. I used an EMF meter to minimize my exposure. I experimented with a variety of EMF shielding materials. I bought an LCD monitor. None of these helped enough to make much of a difference.

Meanwhile, my overall health was terrible—I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. My immune system was obviously not working, as I caught every illness going around. I needed tons of sleep. I eventually got fed up with conventional medicine and switched to alternative medicine. I also started cleaning up my diet, switching from junk foods and microwaved foods to more organic, raw fruits and vegetables. I became a vegetarian.

A naturopath tested me for high levels of mercury in my system (in the past, I had a mouthful of mercury fillings and ate a can of tuna every day). I purchased several books on mercury poisoning, and one of them listed a symptom of being a hypersensitivity to electricity. This book said that these symptoms would eventually go away if I had all of my metal dental work removed and underwent mercury detoxification.

So I had all of my remaining mercury fillings replaced. Amazingly, a lot of my health complaints disappeared immediately, but the electrical sensitivity remained. At that point, my tolerance for sitting in front of my 15" LCD monitor was about 5 minutes, it was painful to watch TV from 10 feet away and also using a regular corded phone. 

I saw a doctor who recommended that I try some EMF protection devices from “Quantum Products”.

So I tried a Quantum power strip. On day one, I had a huge surge of energy! On subsequent days, I became fatigued, and recognized these symptoms as being the same detoxification symptoms I got when my fillings were removed. But my tolerance was definitely improved. With a few power strips and the Quantum Byte software, I finally went back to work—halftime.

The next few years I took a lot of supplements for detoxification, rebuilding various organs which were impacted (adrenals, thyroid, etc.), and experimenting with many EMF protection devices. My health continued to improve, and by 2003 I was working full-time and required a normal amount of sleep.

As it stands now (in 2006), I still practice avoidance where practical, I still eat a lot of healthy foods, still take supplements, and still use EMF protection devices. I am, for the most part, symptom-free and living a normal life. I still have electrical sensitivity, but it’s not nearly as bad as it once was, and it no longer gets in the way.

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