The following is a list of organizations that specialize in various areas of wireless safety:

Cell Phones

Environmental Health Trust

EHT operates the Baby Safe Project that explains the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnant women.

EHT also operates the Show Us the Fine Print campaign that raises awareness of the fine print in cell phone manuals that protect cell phone manufacturers in health-related lawsuits.

Environmental Working Group

Cell Phone Towers and Antennas at the Local, State and Federal Level

Chronic Exposure

Get the Cell Out – Atlanta Chapter

San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna Free-Union

Fight the Tower


Wired Child (United Kingdom)

Parents for Safe Technology


General Radiofrequency Radiation Information

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University

Dr. Mercola’s website on electromagnetic radiation


Citizens for Safe Technology (Canada)


International EMF Alliance

International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety


Microwave News

Public Policy Information

EMR Policy Institute

Smart Meters

EMF Safety Network

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness

No Smart Meters San Francisco

Stop Smart Meters!

Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters


The BioInitiative Report

EMF Facts

Just Prove It

State and Local Regulation Initiatives

Ecological Options Network

Marin Project

United States Federal Government Agencies

US Food and Drug Administration

US Federal Communications Commission

US FCC Wireless Devices and Health Concerns Guide

Wi-Fi in Schools

Doctors for Safe Schools

Simcoe County Safe School Committee (Canada)

Safe Tech for Schools Maryland

National Association for Children and Safe Technology

WiFi in Schools


 Andrew J. Campanelli

Neil Ende

Technology Law Group



Center for Safer Wireless Facebook Page
Center for Safer Wireless Twitter Page