Cell phones were not tested for health and safety effects prior to their 1984 entry in the market. Once a cancer victim who believed the cancer was caused by cell phones attempted to sue the cell phone industry so in 1993 a $25 million research and surveillance program was developed and funded by the cell phone industry. Dr. George Carlo lead this effort that by 2001 showed red flags of warning that cell phone radiation could lead to the development of brain tumors, other cancers, or other adverse health effects.  Research, funded primarily by the cell phone industry, is ongoing.  

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website states, “The scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users of cell phones from radiofrequency radiation exposure, including children and teenagers… But more research is needed”, we don’t know whether cell phones will cause health abnormalities over the long-term; fourteen research studies covering 10 years or longer shows an increase risk of developing a glioma or acoustic neuroma on the same side of the head as a cell phone is used.

With 5 billion cell phone users across the world and beginning evidence of long-term health effects, the Center for Safer Wireless recommends taking precautions when using a cell phone.

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