Cell Phones

Use your speakerphone or text when using a cell phone.

If you uncomfortable with using a speakerphone or texting, purchase an air tube headset for your cell phone.

Limit the duration of time talking on your cell phone.

Refrain from using your cell phone in a car, bus or train. Metal reflects wireless radiation, and it bounces around you when on a cell phone in this environment.

Don’t wear metal-rimmed glasses when using a cell phone.

Keep a cell phone in your purse or backpack and out of your pocket.

Purchase a cell phone shield for men’s hip holster.

If you have lost a cell phone signal, do not try to reestablish it in the same location. The amount of wireless radiation you are exposed too will be high. Wait until you are in a different location to reestablish the connection.

Do not sleep with a cell phone under your pillow.

Ladies, do not put a cell phone in your bra.

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