Tablets and ereaders emit wireless radiation. They were not tested for long-term health and safety when approved for sale. There are as many as 5 transmitters inside tablets.  The transmitters don't power down when not in active use. For instance, when an iPad is on and next to you on a sofa, you are still exposed to 5 transmitters emitting wireless radiation.

Follow these tips to use tablets and ereaders more safely.

1. Place the device on a table or pillow to allow more distance between you and the tablet when in use.  Eight inches off of the body is recommended.  iPads should be placed in portrait mode with the Home button at the bottom of the display, or in landscape mode with the cellular antenna away from your body or other objects.

2. Do not use the device on your lap.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi and/or internet connectivity on the tablet when not needed, such as playing downloaded games.  Turn on Airplane mode.  Also, turn off Bluetooth.

4. Make sure the device is off when not in use.

5. Keep the tablet away from you when charging it.

6. Do not use a tablet an hour or less before bedtime to reduce the chances of insomnia.

7. When using an ereader, download the book then turn off wireless when reading the book.

8. Do not hold the device when downloading. 

9. Use the device for 20 minutes then take a break with your eyes.  Focus away from the device for a minute or so.

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