The Center for Safer Wireless offers public seminars that share the latest research on how wireless radiation and electromagnetic radiation affect our health.

We give presentations at office, church, youth service organizations, corporate and social group events.

We disseminate our work to youth and civic organizations, schools, home owner associations and local businesses.

We educate, engage, and empower citizens with the information and tools they need to make informed choices about wireless products. 



We advocate for safer wireless standards at the local, state and national level.

We hold government and businesses accountable for their actions.

We encourage businesses and individuals to get involved, and we provide a variety of ways to do so. 

We have helped local communities defeat proposed cell tower sites near schools and homes. 


Radiation Assessments

We provide home or office radiation assessments in the metropolitan Washington, DC area to check the levels of radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic radiation in your environment. The length of the home assessment is at minimum two hours and depends upon the size of the house or office.  You will receive recommendations on how you can make your home or office healthier through the reduction of the radiation.  You can choose a written report with radiation measurements and the science behind our recommendations for an additional fee.  For more information click here.  A phone consultation is available at $35 per half hour.



Do you or your coworkers suffer from a lack of sleep? The Center for Safer Wireless offers workshops on improving sleep for employees.  Individuals may contact us for an at home session.  A phone consultation is available for $35 per half hour.


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