Desiree Jaworski, Executive Director of the Center for Safer Wireless interviewed and quoted for articles:
The News & Observer - Hear me now: No cell towers on school campuses - Saunders - Read more
The News & Observer - Wake may allow more cell towers at schools to bring in money - Read more
Los Angeles Times - Is 5G technology dangerous? Early data shows a slight increase of tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation - Read more




qz We now have the first clear evidence cell phone radiation can cause cancer in rats. Following peer review sessions, experts concluded that a pair of federal studies show “clear evidence” that cell phone radiation caused heart cancer in male rats. Read more.




ars Techinica Berkeley’s cellphone warning law, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the City of Berkeley. Read more.




Startlr Tech Using the Cellular Cause of Tumors, verdict issued by the Court of Ivrea, Italy. Read more.




Los Angeles Times Will the next generation of cellphone service pose health risks? Learn more




Scientific American $25M Government Study Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer In Rats. Read more.




Israel Haifa Hamodia Haifa, Israel’s third largest city is to Shut School Wireless Networks. Learn more




Australia Catalyst Australia Catalyst airs an investigation of wireless radiation called Wi-Fried? Learn more




Israel Ch1 National TV Excellent piece from Israel Ch1 national TV which aired on 24/2/2016 called "safety standards" and the deployment of WIFI in schools. Learn more




Fox 5 News Fox 5 News on WiFi Health Concerns Learn more




Berkeleyside Federal judge enables cell phone warning ordinance in Berkeley, CA to be implemented. Learn more




Green Med info Research indicates wireless radiation harms male sperm in many ways. Learn more




FOX News Fox News reports that the World Health Organization will issue a report on cell phone risks in late 2016. Learn more




Met Labs Underwriters Laboratory admits that design flaws in smart meters have caused serious fire hazards. Learn more




Paula Poundstone CBS Sunday Morning Nov. 29, 2015 Paula Poundstone: Stop flat-screen addiction! She thinks technology addictions are an attack on family time and the developing brains of our kids. Learn more




Today Show Today Show reports that pediatricians recommend children’s exposure to cell phones should be limited. Learn more




Dr OzDr. Oz’s survey on 11/4/15 indicated 70% were concerned about cell phone radiation. Learn more





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