Cell Phone Towers and Antennas on School Property


More and more school divisions are securing cell tower leases or cell phone antennas leases on school buildings and on field light poles.  These leases are a lucrative and an easy source of revenue to reduce school division budget gaps. For example, during 2010 Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida received $255,246 in revenue from cell phone towers leases.  Over 10 years, the school district is guaranteed to receive $2,905,322.  Lake Oswego, Oregon brings in $200,000 a year from its nine cell sites at its two high schools and two junior high schools. Most recently, AT&T pays Poway Unified School District $382,000 for cellular antennas above the football stadium at Del Norte High School.


Reported Health Effects from Children And Staff at Schools with Cell Towers

Do school officials understand the reported health effects?  Children’s bodies absorb more electromagnetic fields than adults.  Some children experience headaches, nausea, fatigue, skin rashes, dizziness, and brain fog from being near a cell tower.  Read more.


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