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Read this book by our Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Crofton to learn more about how you can protect yourself and family from the radio frequency radiation that is all around us.

A Wellness Guide for The Digital Age: With Safer-tech Solutions for All Things Wired & Wireless - for brains worth... by Dr Kerry Crofton PhD (Jun 11, 2013)



Communities across the world are concerned about the proliferation of Wi-Fi in schools.


In March 2015 WUSA Channel 9 news, which serves the Washington, DC metropolitan area, captured parents concerns about Wi-Fi in Montgomery County Schools.

New York City Area

The United Federation of Teachers, with 200,000 members comprised of teachers, nurses, and other professionals in the 5 buroughs in the New York City Area is concerned about wireless radiation in schools. The union believes that wireless radiation can cause biological effects.


Watch this CBC news report aired on September 8, 2010 across Canada about parents whose children are experiencing health effects they believe are linked to Wi-Fi in classroom.


Germany warns its citizens to avoid Wi-Fi for health reasons - September 2007


City of Herouville St. Clair, France removes Wi-Fi from primary schools due to health risks - April 2009


Teachers in United Kingdom call for immediate dismantling of Wi-Fi in schools due to health risks - April 2009


Parents in Israel requested that Wi-Fi be removed from schools. The Israel Supreme Court will rule on the case in the near future.


WiFi in Schools Australia hopes to provide a starting point for Australian parents, caregivers, students, teachers and the wider community to become informed about the potential health effects from long term use of wireless technologies. We urge immediate precautionary measures until long term exposure has been proven to be harmless.

A child with a cell phone against his/her ear may not feel the effects of wireless radiation on his/her body. Nevertheless, the effects are still there, and the radiation can be easily demonstrated using an electrosmog detector. Children, with growing brains, nervous systems, immune systems, and thinner skulls, are more at risk from low frequency radiation absorbed within the body. The competitive wireless industry markets cell phones to children as young as 8 years old, but the younger you are, the more radiofrequency radiation permeates a young child’s brain (see image below).Kids are using cell phones at a younger age than any previous generation.

The World Health Organization has classified wireless radiation emitted from cell phones as a class 2B, possible human carcinogen. Our current young generation may experience long-term health effects from exposure to wireless radiation.

In 2005, the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that children are especially sensitive to all electromagnetic fields because their developing nervous systems are fragile, their brain tissues more conductive and their smaller skeletons more easily penetrated by the waves.The National Cancer Institute issued a statement that “children may be at greater risk of health effects than adults because their nervous systems are still developing at the time of exposure.”Duration of cell phone use and ipsilateral use (using the same side of the head) increase health risks.




Most teenagers send text messages when using their cell phones. While texting is safer than placing the cell phone against the head, its important to keep the cell phone at a distance from your body when texting. Each time a text message is sent or received, radiofrequency radation is absorbed by your body if the phone is resting on your body.

Teens, especially boys, tend to keep their cell phones in their pockets. If you check your cell phone manual, you will most likely find that it states cell phones should be kept .6 inches from your body.  Your cell phone regularly checks in with a cell antenna and if the phone is in your pocket, your body absorbs the microwave radation. Moreover, your reproductive organs get a blast of microwave radation when a call or text is received.

Follow our recommended cell phone safety tips to reduce your child's risks of health effects from using cell phones.




Photo courtesy of the Dr. Oz Show, June 8, 2015

The Doctor Oz Show on June 8, 2015 featured Dr. Lisa Thornton who expressed concern about children using cell phones over the long-term.





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