You can raise funds for wireless safety and outreach in a variety of ways.

1. Have a party and show a film such as Full Signal or Mobilize.

2. Hold an auction in your home.

3. Organize a yard sale.

4. Have a dinner party.

5. Ask for donations via social media in lieu of birthday gifts.

We thank you so much for your time and support!!


There are many ways to volunteer with the Center for Safer Wireless. Choose what is most valuable for you. Whether its improving your skills, enhancing your career, growing your social network, or meeting like-minded people, we want your volunteer experience with our organization to be extremely satisfying. Below is a sample list of opportunities. Please contact us at to discuss specific volunteer opportunities in your area of interest.

  • website administration
  • community outreach
  • advocacy
  • fundraising
  • research
  • newsletter production
  • grant writing
  • event planning



We are thrilled that you are interested in supporting the Center for Safer Wireless. Pick the most meaningful way for you to get involved, and you will feel the gift and satisfaction of giving!





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