Symptoms Reported by Children in Schools

 According to, these symptoms are being reported by students inside Simcoe County Schools in Canada. Children did not experience these symptoms prior to Wi-Fi’s introduction into the school system.

 * Headaches (3-5X per week, that require medicine)

 * Dizziness - Nausea - Vertigo (gone after student leaves the school)

 * Visual and Auditory Distortion

 * Racing Heart Rate (Tachycardia)

 * Memory Loss  (difficulty remembering school information)

 * Attention Deficit (difficulty concentrating while in class)

 * Skin Rash  (mostly lower leg, goes away on weekends or longer breaks)

 * Hyperactivity (appears mostly among children not previously hyperactive)

 * Night Sweats (unexplainable, unrelated to fever, and lasting several nights)

 * Insomnia  (restless sleep)

 These reported symptoms tend to subside when the children are at home, or on weekends and extended periods away from their school. Something in their school environment is affecting certain children.


Parent Comment Section: 

Here are a few comments from parents at whose children attend schools in Simcoe County Schools in Canada: 

March 10, 2010, 

   “Both of my kids are coming home with headaches for the last year. It doesn’t seem right for kids to get headaches. They don’t concentrate as well in class and my older one has seen his grades drop this year. He’s fine on the weekends and can concentrate fine and doesn’t get headaches. It’s only at school that he has these problems.”

 June 3

    “My son is in grade 1 at Worsley Public School in Wasaga Beach. He  spoke at a very young age and has never stopped!  He is outgoing and active. 

   His teacher contacted his mother and I in May as she has observed over the past couple of months a significant change in his behavior.  She describes that at times he seems to tune out and disassociate to what is going on in class and is unable to focus. His mother and I went into see her where she expressed her concerns.  His mother and I have never observed that behavior from him at home and we were quite shocked about hearing what is going on when he’s at school.”

 June 12

  "I have 2 children at Birchview Dunes in Wasaga Beach. My son who is 6 and in senior kindergarten has come home with headaches and my daughter who is in grade 4 has come home and told me things like she can't concentrate and she doesn't feel like that when she's not at school also her grades have declined considerably since last year, I just thought she was getting lazy until I heard about other parents having the same problems. "


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