Cell Phones

Use your speakerphone or text when using a cell phone.

If you uncomfortable with using a speakerphone or texting, purchase an air tube headset for your cell phone.

Limit the duration of time talking on your cell phone.

Refrain from using your cell phone in a car, bus or train. Metal reflects wireless radiation, and it bounces around you when on a cell phone in this environment.

Don’t wear metal-rimmed glasses when using a cell phone.

Keep a cell phone in your purse or backpack and out of your pocket.

Purchase a cell phone shield for men’s hip holster.

If you have lost a cell phone signal, do not try to reestablish it in the same location. The amount of wireless radiation you are exposed too will be high. Wait until you are in a different location to reestablish the connection.

Do not sleep with a cell phone under your pillow.

Ladies, do not put a cell phone in your bra.

There are simple and easy actions you can take to reduce your risks of health effects from excessive exposure to wireless radiation.

Safety Tips for Your Home

Safety Tips for Cell Phones

Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby



Protect Your Baby from Wireless Radiation

Your baby is part of the first generation in which RFR exposure occurs from birth to death. We don’t know what the long-term outcome will be to our exposure at increasingly higher levels of RFR. Wireless products were not tested for health and safety outcomes before they were introduced in the market.

Duration of wireless radiation exposure increases health risks, and children’s bodies absorb more electromagnetic fields than adults. The smaller the child, the more electromagnetic radiation is absorbed.

You can reduce your baby's risk of health effects from exposure to wireless radiation in your home.


Tips to Protect Your Baby In The Nursery

Remove all wireless baby products (powered by RFR in the 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz range) from the nursery such as wireless baby monitors and camera monitors.  Packaging may say 2.4 digital technology or 900 MHz technology.

Purchase a wired baby monitor (usualy about 50 MHz) that is significantly less expensive than a wireless monitor.

Do not talk on a cell phone or cordless phone with your baby in your arms or on your lap.

Keep video game players in rooms far from the nursery.


Tips to Protect Your Baby In Your Home

Replace a DECT cordless phone (most current and popular) with an older cordless phone (in MHz range) or corded phone.

Replace your Wi-Fi system with cabled connections to the Internet or fiber optic broadband..

Do not use a tablet or e-reader with your baby in your arms or lap.

Get a home radiation assessment to determine sources of RFR in your home

Do not play wireless games (Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Wii etc.) with the baby nearby.

For more information, check out the Baby Safe Project.



In general, you can reduce your exposure levels by eliminating sources of wireless radiation or creating  distance from the source. Try the following safety tips in your home to protect your family from potential health effects of wireless radiation.

Throughout Your Home

Replace your cordless phone with a corded phone. They are cheap and still sold in stores.

Resist a smart meter when offered by the electric company. 

Find out how close your home and office is to a cell phone antenna or tower. Go to  www.antennasearch.com and type your address. The website will report cell phone towers and antennas within a 3-4 mile radius of your home or office.

If your home is less than ½ mile, purchase paint, shielding curtains and tape to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, especially in your bedroom. Find these products at the EMF Safety Store.

Replace your Wi-Fi computer network with a wired computer network. If you must use Wi-Fi, turn it off at night. 

Do not sit in close proximity to a Wi-Fi router and keep it in an isolated area. Consider purchasing a signal tamer or router guard from Lessemf.com.  See our products catalog.


In Your Bedroom:

Remove cordless phones and cell phones from your bedroom

Remove computer equipment and tablets from your bedroom

Keep electric alarm clocks at least 3 feet from your bed

Keep Wi-Fi out of bedrooms

Avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads.


Either replace your Wi-Fi with a wired computer network or move your Wi-Fi router far away from commonly used living or working areas

If you must use Wi-Fi, consider having at least one computer hard-wired

When using a wired internet connection, once the wireless portion of the router is disabled, disable the wireless connection on your laptop.  Look for Network Settings on a PC or Airport on a Macintosh computer.

Avoid using a wireless laptop or tablet on your lap

Replace your wireless computer with a standard wired desktop computer

Plug a standard keyboard into your wireless laptop to create distance between you and the laptop

Replace your wireless mouse with a wired mouse

Replace your wireless keyboard with a wired keyboard



Get a home or office radiation assessment to ascertain your exposure to radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic radiation and follow recommendations on reducing your exposure

Avoid underwire bras.

Use wired controllers for video games



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