How Does A Cell Phone Work?

Cell phones operate across a network of cellular sites called base stations.  When using a cellular phone, sound signals are transmitted in radio and microwave frequencies. Cell phones use a distant base unit, a cell phone antenna, as a means to receive and send communications in a laser-like beam of radiation to and from the cell phone. Smart phones often have 3 or 4 transmitters that transmit information.These phones transmit at frequencies in the microwave range of 700 to 2690 megahertz. Read more

Check your cell phone manual. It most likely says keep the phone some distance from your body. Yet, people commonly place cell phones in their pant pockets.

Research shows that wireless radiation creates biological changes in the brain. Dr. Nora Volkow, in her 2011 research in JAMA, demonstrated that when a cell phone is on and placed at a human ear, glucose in the brain is activated more as indicated in the picture on the left than when the cell phone is off. The right picture with the cell phone off  shows less glucose metabolism in the brain.

Since the World Health Organization determined that wireless radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless products is a class 2b possible human carcinogen, in the same class as DDT and chloroform, it is important to use cell phones and other wireless products safely.

Recommendations for Safer Cell Phone Use

Minimize the time spent talking on a cell phone.

Use an air tube headset (different than a blue tooth) when talking.

Use the speakerphone.

Text information.

When not in use, keep your phone away from your body in a purse or bag.

Keep a cell phone off or away from your bedroom at night.

Allow older children to text and only speak on the phone in an emergency.

Don’t talk on a cell phone in a car, bus or train. Higher levels of radiofrequency radiation are required by the cell phone as it moves from and locks on one base station to the next antenna in your cell phone network.  Learn more.

Avoid wearing metal-rimmed glasses when speaking on a cell phone.  Metal attracts radiofrequency radiation that can be absorbed by the eye.

Keep cell phones away from small children.

Don't talk on your cell phone when it has weak signal strength.

Don't text and drive.  

Read about the Lack of Health and Safety Testing for Cell Phones





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