Communities across the world are concerned about the proliferation of Wi-Fi in schools.


In March 2015 WUSA Channel 9 news, which serves the Washington, DC metropolitan area, captured parents concerns about Wi-Fi in Montgomery County Schools.

New York City Area

The United Federation of Teachers, with 200,000 members comprised of teachers, nurses, and other professionals in the 5 buroughs in the New York City Area is concerned about wireless radiation in schools. The union believes that wireless radiation can cause biological effects.


Watch this CBC news report aired on September 8, 2010 across Canada about parents whose children are experiencing health effects they believe are linked to Wi-Fi in classroom.


Germany warns its citizens to avoid Wi-Fi for health reasons - September 2007


City of Herouville St. Clair, France removes Wi-Fi from primary schools due to health risks - April 2009


Teachers in United Kingdom call for immediate dismantling of Wi-Fi in schools due to health risks - April 2009


Parents in Israel requested that Wi-Fi be removed from schools. The Israel Supreme Court will rule on the case in the near future.


WiFi in Schools Australia hopes to provide a starting point for Australian parents, caregivers, students, teachers and the wider community to become informed about the potential health effects from long term use of wireless technologies. We urge immediate precautionary measures until long term exposure has been proven to be harmless.

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